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The foundation relies exclusively on volunteers to serve its mission and is actively seeking volunteers, including board members and other volunteers, who will be engaged in our programs and events.  

Volunteers fall in two main categories.

Board members make decisions and adopt policies.  Board meetings are conducted by telephone and email, so board members are expected to respond to emails and engage in telephone conference calls.  The board conducts four board meeting per year.  Board members serve two-year terms.

Other volunteers plan and execute programs, policies, and events.  They serve as needed, work on specific tasks and report to a committee chair or a board member as needed.  These are self-starters who are willing to donate time and talent to achieve specific goals.

We need individuals to work on fundraising, financial assistance to junior players, Hall of Fame selection, communications, and marketing/outreach.

Please consider joining the organization and complete the online volunteer application form which is available here.